1. After being told I have FMS by a local specialist, exhibiting almost every possible symptom, I applied for salary continuation insurance as my sick days will soon expire(70 days worth). The liason between my work place and the insurance people informed me that FMS, CFS and environmental illness are usually not covered. AMAZING. My neck, back arms and frequently my legs are so sore it takes so long to get out of bed and flexible, I'd probably not make it to work. I also feel that by the time I get there I would have used up my quota of energy and need a nap. Then there is the irritable bowel, this could be very embarassing in front of a class of high school students. I'?e long since passed the point where I can move around my classroom. If I bend over to help, they would have to straighten me back up. How could an insurance company feel I could work. Oh yes, I left in Nov when my books were too heavy for me to lift when teaching at the board. Then I knew I had a definite problem. How can an insurance company deny you coverage when a specialist in this area says you are too ill to work? How can they not recognize FMS?
  2. I suffer from fibromyalgia. In the process of trying to get help for that, which has always been scarce, I was in a car accident. My fibromyalgia is so much worse now, and I haven't been able to find a doctor who believes me yet. I have gone from being able to function normally as long as I take my meds and am careful, to being in so much pain, so dizzy, and so shakey that I have trouble driving to work and even writing. The depression it causes to not have a doctor believe me or being able to help me is overwhelming. Doctors need to be taught about fibromyalgia and know how to handle it. The pain and suffering caused by uninformed, sometimes uncaring, doctors is needless. The suffering of so many people could be so easily alleviated and validated if doctors knew what they were doing when it comes to fibromyalgia.
  3. If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything! I am taking a stand to fight for awareness for FMS.
  4. I have sent it to several friends and others I know that are fighting the good fight of faith for an answer for Fibromyalgia. I have been a victim for 12 years and only within the last couple years did I find a Doctor that understood what was happening....everyone else said it was just going through the change of life, that I was depressed and anxious and needed Prozac or equivalent, that way I wouldn't care about anything!! I pray that God will give you favor and bless you for your efforts. Thanks so much
  5. Yes, I would like to participate in this petition. I have both Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have spent this past year getting the same ridicule and run-around mentioned in this petition. I'm angry. Not only do we have to make the best of our lives in spite of our pain and many complaints, but we also have to suffer the emotional trauma of being labeled as a psychiatric case! I have 3 sisters and two others besides myself suffer from this syndrome. We all live in different states and our ages vary by as much as 12 years. Perhaps someone should study groups with strong family histories of these syndromes.
  6. Yes, please include my name in your petition. I have been unable to work since October 96. By the summer of 97 I had gone through my savings and RRSP's and am now reliant on $195 per month allotted to me by Social Services. I have been "doing battle" with CPP and Manulife for the benefits I feel are due me, but so far....nothing. More must be done in Canada to assist sufferers of FMS and to educate the Government agencies, medical professions and the public. Thank you for this opportunity to include my two cents worth.
  7. I agree. I am a patient in Minneapolis, MN who has been suffering with this pain for many years. I have been a hard worker, who worked many years ignoring the symptoms and instead putting my life and my health in jeapordy until a friend convinced me that the incredible on-going pain, and the sudden and frequent episodes of total exhaustion and collapse, were all part of a disease. I agree with this petition.
  8. Please accept my name for this very important petition for more in-depth scientific research of fibromyalgia to find the etiology as well as a cure or at least a better quality of life, education of our medical students and residents about fibromyalgia, better health care from our doctors and our insurance companies which would include the recognition and acceptance that narcotics DO HELP, recognition that fibromyalgia is a separate entity as a serious and disabiling syndrome that for many people means they are deserving of Social Security benefits. Thank you for taking it upon yourselves to initiate this petition. We need to become big and loud and not go away so that our lives can change for the better.
  9. There are 39 of us presently suffering with this disease and most of us do have fibromyalgia. I have a two year old daughter and must rely on my parents to take care of her most of the time. Even they think, "When are you going to take care of her?"
  10. Please accept my "signature" on the Fibromomyalgia Petition. I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but have suffered the symptoms for years. It is to the point now of ruining my life by threatening my job security, hence taking everything I have acquired during my career. I am in severe pain but have not been prescribed any type of analgesic for relief. I suffer from extreme weakness, fatigue, cognitive problems, and motor skill disfunction. I would not wish this illness on my worst enemy, although persons in a position to make something positive happen in regards to the way sufferers of this illness have to live should, have to endure a "flare" for at least a week. (Walk a mile in my shoes.) My thanks to you for allowing me to vent.
  11. Thanks so much for responding to me. I really appreciate all of the hard work that you have done for our cause. Without people like you, we would be a lot worse off then we are. Yes, I am going to try and get more people to send signatures. I have put your homepage in my favorite places and will continue to check it out. Thanks again & God Bless You.
  12. We need to force scientists and Dr.'s to beg for money to find a cure, We suffer in silence cause our pains are unseen we look in a mirror and we see old delapitating bodys but the worl sees young/old healthy bodies. We need a cure we need it soon. I'm a 30yr old woman with a young son and no longer can live a good quality life with my family and we all suffer from this not just me but the family as a whole cause fun things are no longer fun to me and i can't do them, I was and am a young woman with a life ahead but now it feels as if i'm an old woman deprived of the things i have waited so long to do. Depression sets in on FM patients cause we are denied understanding from Dr.'s and others including family members i see families break up over this FM cause it's not understood! Please everyone lets make them hear and understand!
  13. I'am to one whom suffers from Fibromyalgia,and think that there has to be some way to stop the pain. I feel all Doctors of all trades need to learn more about this devistating disease that hits millions of people all over the world.Social security, and all goverments need to realize this is a disease and most all people need help in some way or another and to stop turning us away like we whom suffer from this and to start lending a hand to help. Thanks, Michigan
  14. I have FMS and am not able to work after 25 years of working and 9 yrs serving my country. I am getting no assistance, even though I have applied both to the Army for full disabily benefits due to multiple injuries & surgeries which has brought this illness on and worsen it. I have also applied to SSI, and have seen numerous doctors. But I have recieved nothing but promises yet.I have begged, borrowed and sold my belongings to keep a roof over my head, but money is running out and soon I will have to declare bankruptsy, lose my home and end up in the street like many other veterans before me. Is there any thing that can be done to right this wrong. How can I get the government to move quicker on this matter to protect me from an unjust fate. If there is anyone who can help, please send me a note. Or at least forward this to the hands of someone who can help.
  15. I was healthy and active. After trying for over a year I had my child. I was so excited about doing all kinds of activities together as a family. I started having severe muscle pains, after a few months I realized it was getting worse not better. Sleepiness nights, poor memory, muscle spasms, sharp pain, dull pain, throbbing pain, I was finally diagnosed by a rhuematologist and a nuerologist with fibromyalgia. I was diagnose at 29 I'm 33 now. Please help institute some kinds of government awareness. I lost my job and haven't worked for the past year. I miss working and I miss being able to plan anything because I may be into much pain. I live each day and hour as it comes because at one time I may be feeling relativily fine ( meaning the pain is tolerable) to the next few minutes being bed ridden with bad pain. I'm fortunate I have a great support system through my church and husband. I know many suffers are alone.
  16. I am glad someone is doing this! This is long overdue. I have gone to the best rheumatologist in Knoxville, Tn. and all she could do is to admit she doesn't know enough about this disease, and suggest a new pain killer. I am a nurse, I love my work, but I will have to quit my job this month due to the pain, fatigue and swelling. I' ve pushed myself hard for 3 years-I can't do it anymore.
  17. Well, anyway, I work for the Texas prison system. I am a Sgt. in Laundry Operations. I supervise all of the inmates who work for me and have direct contact with the rest of the inmate population on the unit. I have had serious problems with FM long before my diagnosis, which is nothing new for the FMily. Shortly after my diagnosis, I carried my cane to work with me just in case the weakness or the pain got too bad and I needed a little help getting around. I put it in a secure, locked area and left it. Well my supervisor found it while I was doing something else and apparently went ballistic. She went straight "up front" to the Major and asked if I was allowed to use this at work and he said no. Apparently she had been complaining about me being absent and also saying that I couldn't do my job. (Which was odd, because just the week before she called in sick because she stubbed her toe)..Anyway, the Major said that it was a weapon. I went to the human resources (personnel) lady and she told me that I would have to go through the ADA and get it approved by my doctor. Then there was the formal meeting where I had to go over my job dutes and mark if I could do them every day without assistance. Then I had to take the list to my doctor and get her to write a statement on it.Here it is: "has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. This condition is temporary, but does last for several years. This condition limits her ability to stand for long periods of time and would necessitate the occasional use of a cane. She shouldn't lift over 45 lbs. Mary Beth li}itations are detmrmined0one " day at a tmme, since this ió the way Fibromyalgia effects the patient. There are no medical limitations placed on Mary Beth - she is limited only by her abilitù to perform for"that fay." Human resources told me that Labor 0 Òelations$said I still couldn't use a cane at worë$and thqt if I got up feeling badly where I would need some help walking or couldn't do some of the other thing that I had listed without help, I would have to call in sick. I told her that I would have to go back to the doctor and see what I could get done. Although I didn' know what. She said to be careful about what disabilities the doctor imposes, becuase I might not be able to keep my job.. Louise, is this fair? Is my cane more of a weapon than a mop handle that inmates use to clean floors or crutches that they use to walk? I just don't understand. I guess I'm starting to experience what all of the FM/MPS sufferers have been experiencing for years. It hurts. Thanks for listening. Sorry this was so long. Write me and tell me about yourself. Then I'll write and say something good for a change. Thanks again for the ear and shoulder.
  18. I have had fibromyalgia & myofascial pain syndrome for 15 years & am extremely disabled by them. There MUST be research & hope for us. I have seriously considered suicide.
  19. I fully support the concept that a better awareness is needed for Fibromyalgia, Cronic Fatigue, Myofacial Pain Syndrome and all painful and life disturbing syndromes of this nature. People suffering from such diagnosis' are already dealing with a large 'trauma' that is only magnified and irritated by the ignorance of those in the medical profession as well as the general public. Please consider promoting the awareness of what these Syndromes are and how persons with them feel.
  20. Sign me up!!!! I have had a diagnosis by a number of doctors an different occasions, Some say Fibromyalgia, some say Myofascial Pain Syndrome,Some even say phycogenic.For me its just constant unrelenting pain.All my G.P. can give in advise is you just have to stop dwelling on it, and get on with your life". This comes straight from the mouth of someone who hasnt a clue what I'm trying to deal with.
  21. Gentlemen (or ladies): Please include my signature on the Fibromyalgia Petition. I have suffered its symptoms severely for 18 years since an accident, and moderately for at least 25 years. At the present time I am unable to work and am limited to very few acvtivities each day. I also have rather advanced osteoarthritis and have undergone surgeries on four joints to date. I'll tell you that the fibromyalgia is much harder to cope with than the OA. The pain is as great. It is more generalized. And the fatigue is indescribable.
  22. Thank you for all of your hard work on behalf of the disabled people. I have been on CPP Disability, and Mutual Life Insur. Disability for over 3 years now. My dr doesn't think that I'll ever get better. Each time I see him he tells me again to just 'accept' what I have. I am on narcotic drugs (morphine) as well as about 15 other medications each day. I spend most of my days is agonizing pain in bed unable to hardly walk. I've lost my career, my friends, my lifestyle,,,, almost everything. I just want my pre-Fibro Life back!
  23. I have been diagnosed with FM/CFS in Sept. of 1993. I "was" an office assistant for the Dow Chemical Company for over 16 years. From 1993 to 1996 is tried my best to cope, but to no end. I had to give up my job in May of 1996, after trying to reduce stress and pain by job-sharing for the last year and a half. I have been trying for a disability pension, but my appeal and second letter from the government tells me.... "In your case, you may not be able to do your usual job and suitable work may not be available to you. However, the information in your file shows that you are still able to do other work suitable to your condition on a regular basis. Since you are able to do some other type of work, we cannot consider you to be disable as defined in the Canada Pension Plan." I am in the process now of seeing more doctors and preparing my case via information and a letter to sent to a Review Tribunal.I feel so helpless sometimes...... why can't anyone see the daily suffering we with FM/CFS live with. Why won't they believe.
  24. I have been married to a woman with fibromyalgia for 17 years. Anyone that tells me that FM is not real has to deal with me first. I have even told my best friends, whose wives show symptoms of FM, that they need to seek out medical attention, at the expense of losing my best friends. Fibromyalgia is as real as any other medical condition. Don't disregard peoples complaints of pain or regular sickness. If it happens often enough, it may be a clue. Don't be apathetic towards this condition. It can be extremely dangerous. Many cases result in suicide.

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