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  1. I have two daughters with Fibroyalgia and they need all the help they can get. Hope this helps I am a retired nurse.
  2. Having suffered for years I sign the petition.
  4. Suffering from Fibromyalgia for 15 years.
  5. I am signing the petition electronically from Omaha, Nebraska, USA. I only thank god every day that there are people, specifically, some doctors, that believe that fibromyalgia is not "all in our heads." I cannot understand how anyone could believe that millions of people throughout the world could collectively be conspiring to create a condition that does not really exist. Please give doctors and medical students the information and tools (i.e.,medicines) that they need to relieve countless numbers of sufferers of fibromyalgia. Thankyou.....
  6. I will be putting on AOL message boards. Have already sent to a bunch of friends that have FMS/MPS.{{{and pain-free wishes}}}
  7. Bonjour Je suis atteinte de douleurs insuportables depuis plusieurs années , des années de soufrance et d'incompréhension de la part de tout le monde y compris mon médecin et c'est aujourd'hui que mon médecin ma confirmé que je souffrais de fibromyalgie chronique depuis tant d'années et ce grâce.aux recherches que j'ai fais sur cette maladie et tous indiquait que c'était cela. J'aimerais si possible avoir de la documentation sur cette maladie merci a l'avance.
  8. Please consider this my signature on the above Petition. I'm so pleased you are doing this. The Good Lord knows we need all the help we can get and it's time our govern- ments took their heads out of the sand and faced this very real disability!
  9. I agree with your petition. It is very frustrating to try to describe this illness, making others understand what our daily lives are like.
  10. This disease is disabling, destructive, and deadly. With all my suffering, I have lost my husband, children, home, posessions,even country. I tried for years to get disability, hand got mocked and tortured instead. I had to move in with some people in Canada,or be sick and homeless....and still....the medical system laughs when I mention the name "fibromyalgia".
  11. I fully support anything that might make the general public and health-care officials more aware of the pain and suffering that people with this syndrome go through. I have had fibro for 15 years and am only 25 years old. Having been a child with this debilitating disorder, I know how important it is that help be offered to the children. If I can be of any assistance to your cause...
  12. This is my petition for more public support needed for persons who suffer from fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome; as well as other related medical conditions. There needs to be a significant increase in research and education grants, as well as public awareness, for research and allocated by all governmental agencies to address these challenging and unique problems associated with Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Syndrome and Chronic Pain Syndrome. The medical profession needs continuing education in this area in order to treat these patients.
  13. I do not have this, but i support a dear friend that does.
  14. I would hope that there would be more done in educating the puplic, through tv shows such as 20/20 on fibromyalgia syndrome. We need more information put puplic on this very real but invisable syndrome and how it effects a persons life and their families &friends . This needs to be made readlly available so many of us need this.
  15. I would like to sign this petition and also make it available to all the people at my website and those who just surf-thru. This is an extremely important cause to people in chronic pain from others even without Fibromyalgia. But with chronic pain of any form. If it can be of any help to sign this, we will have so many signatures, they cannot let it go unattended to.
  16. I printed the petition and i have over thirty friends that has signed it .. One of my friends i gave a copy to wants to take it to church and get some more signitures we are going for one hundred each. Will let you know . She also has Fibo. Thanks for e-mail me . If you have any informatation i would be glad to receave it . HAVE A GOOD DAY.
  17. I too like many others have fibromyalgia and most people don't know what it's like. It's painful every day and unbearable many. More research and more doctors that understand this disease should be done now. Please add my name to your petition.
  18. I would like to add my name and address to this petition. More people should be made aware of these conditions. I have suffered with FMS for the past 6 years and many have no idea what this is.
  19. I have had FMS for over 8 years. I struggle daily with the symptoms from it and suffer immensely.
  20. I sign the petition AND suggest you read and perhaps link to my site... I have found that with any illness it is of utmost importance and up to us as individuals to take responsibility or our illnesses and not rely on the government or the establishment to do it for us. That doesn't get the govt. and medical establishment off the hook but it empowers US significantly... and I believe that is a very big part of our healing.
  21. Why should every keep the suffering when there is a temporary answer available. I myself suffer from a disease that was so devasting to me that sucide was an answer. That God for after 10 years I found someone willing to help me and found the right medications to make me feel 100% better and suicide is the last thing on my mind. Please help these suffering people move on to more productive lives with medication, nowledge, research and so on.
  22. Il m'a fait grand plaisir de signer la pétition. Je sais pertinemment que c'est grâce à une action concertée que nous réussirons à faire avancer les choses.
  23. Étant donné, que dans ma famille nous sommes dix enfants dont je suis l'aînée, que plusieurs d'entre-nous sommes atteints à divers degrés de fibromyalgie, que parmi les petits enfants, quelques-uns, dont ma fille Josée, démontrent déjà certains traits de cette maladie, je crois que je n'aurai aucun mal à avoir d'autres personnes qui accepteraient de signer la pétition. Par ailleurs, j'espère que par l'action entreprise (la pétition), nous réussirons à recevoir l'écoute nécessaire de la part de nos dirigeants afin que des sommes soient attribruées à la recherche concernant la fibromyalgie. Pour ma part, j'essaierai de communiquer avec des personnes qui pourraient être sensibles à ces besoins pressants. Par conséquent, lorsque des démarches seront effectuées et recevront des possibilités d'encouragement pour nous tous, je me ferai un devoir de vous en faire part dans les plus brefs délais. Enfin, je souhaite que l'opinion publique change à ce sujet puisque nous faisons face, quotidiennement, à beaucoup de préjugés hélas!
  24. Please add me to the petition on behalf of several friends, my aunt, and my step-mother who all suffer from fibromyalgia.
  25. Par la présente, je désire apposer mon nom sur la pétition au sujet du syndrome de la fibromyalgie/syndrome de la douleur myofasciale. Je souffre de fibromyalgie diagnostiquée par mon médecin et par des rhumatologues. Donc, je désire soutenir cette action enclanchée et je souscris au bien fondé de cette pétition.
  26. We need somthing done as we all suffer a lot thank you.
  27. I would also like to see funding for testing FMS patients in trial studies for Celiac Disease. I believe that it is possible that FMS might even be undiagnosed Celiac Disease and not necessarily a separate medical condition.
  28. PLEASE pay attention to those of us who suffer from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We need help. PLEASE read and abide our petition.
  29. I have more than one friend suffering from this and I feel this should be recognized formally as a disease.
  32. If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything......Michael Evans......
  33. My mother was diagnosed with FMS 3 years ago, although I know she had it for at least 10 years before it was officially diagnosed by an FMS specialist. She also has Huntington's Disease and has been unable to work for 4 years. She has been fighting a losing battle with the Social Security Administration ever since and has yet to receive a judgement on her 3rd appeal, or one penny in benefits. I sincerely hope that this petition will get enough names to make a difference. Perhaps the next person won't have to fight so hard with strength they don't have to spare. Thank you
  34. After I emailed my "signature", I printed the FMS / MPS Petition to Congress and also the "Print Form to Circulate for Signatures" from the website. We have a newly formed support group here in the Permian Basin - Odessa/Midland, Texas area. I am going to make this form available for signatures at the next meeting and I'm sure our members will be glad to sign their names to this petition. Thanks for your quick response to my signature. It is comforting to know that someone somewhere is aware of the effects that fms has on patients and familes and that someone is doing something to further research, etc. Will there be info after petition is presented to Congress? Thanks again.
  35. I suffer from chronic myofascial pain in upper body (results of repetitive stress injury), and maybe some fibromyalgia, but not diagnosed for f/m as of yet. Good luck and best wishes for all of us in pain every day.
  36. You can add my name to the list of "real people"
  37. She is 86 yrs. old, and has FMS + 5 types of arthritis. She is very active, but in pain. BTW. Rhonda has FMS and is only 33 yrs old, and is very dehabilitating at times. Bonnie is the Grandmother of Rhonda and Michelle. Michele has not been totally diagnosed with FMS but has all of the symptoms, but to a jaw injury it has made it difficult to pin down. Military Drs. also. Sacramento, Ca.
  38. I suffer from FMS as well as Degen. Disc Dis. and Degen. Joint Dis. As a result, mainly from the FMS, my quality of life has been reduced to approx 1/4 of what it was a short 4 yrs ago. Thank you.
  39. My wife has suffered with this malady for approximately 10 yrs. and was only diagnosed with it the last year & a half. We have been strugling with the trying of one treatment after another to hopefully find relief for her. Utah


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